50 Years

of combined experience




Assets under management – as of 3/29/2019


Regatta listens and learns first to understand what is important to you, and then develops personalized financial plans, investment portfolios and tax-saving strategies to meet your needs.


The financial planning process begins at an initial meeting with one of our advisors. Each advisor follows the Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) process to understand where you are today, what you would like addressed immediately and what long-term goals you are focused on.

Regatta Capital Group is driven daily by doing what is best for you, the client. This is their commitment and it is reflected in the firm’s dedication to clarity and transparency. Regatta’s independence and strong regard for the fiduciary responsibilities to their clients guides their every decision. They believe you deserve more than a broker; you deserve a wealth management team focused on the big picture.


The Regatta team has tremendous respect for its clients.  They know you have worked very hard for your money. Clients are not looking to “get rich quick” – rather, they understand that building wealth – and then preserving wealth – takes time and commitment.

Regatta takes aim at the big picture to help you grow your investments and build your overall net worth. The goal is that you are wealthier this year than you were last year – and they help get you there with expert financial strategies.


Above all else, Regatta shares common values with its clients. Just as their clients do, the Regatta team works very hard at their careers. They want to work with clients who have strong morals, treat people with respect, appreciate guidance and want advice. The client relationships reach beyond discussing the next investment, as Regatta clients will typically talk with their advisor first before making major financial decisions, whether it is buying a car, selling a real estate property or making a career decision. They enjoy the family feel of the office and the close contact they have with each member of the team.

Our Process


Establish a relationship with  CFP professional


Gather your data & develop
your financial goals


Analyze and evaluate your
financial status


Review your


Implement your CFP


Benchmark your progress against the financial goals you established


As a multi-strategy investment management company, we manage money for families, 401(k)s, and endowments across the time horizon and risk spectrum.

Regatta does not manage one big pool of money and then convince you that this is what you need. While common needs and preferences do exist, ultimately each client’s situation is unique. Your tax situation, estate plan, goals and preferences are all considered. These inputs drive the investment solutions and ongoing research for portfolio improvements. Regatta manages money in house in the areas in which they have an advantage and then use third party public and private managers for strategies ranging from global stocks to private real estate.

Regatta is a boutique wealth manager in the early stages of its evolution. The founders have cut their teeth on two bear markets during the first decade of this century. The firm takes advantage of its relative size by being able to invest in smaller companies, boutique funds and mid-sized apartment buildings. However, when needed, third party consultants and money managers available to the biggest firms are also utilized when it’s in the best interest of the client. This combination results in Regatta being more nimble and open minded, as they are not beholden to anyone, except their clients.

Regatta aims to maximize your return at the target risk level, and take into account the associated transaction costs, taxes, and third party fees.

Regatta is not dogmatic about one particular way of investing. The open-architecture structure allows Russell, Grace and the Regatta team to be intellectually honest about evaluating historical results and the prospects of future returns. For instance, both active and passive strategies, value and growth, open end and close end funds are all used. Not everything is good, but dogma can lead to doom.

Most of their clients have a growing need to reduce taxes. The advisors work with their clients’ tax professional to balance the investment growth and tax equation. This is an ever-changing aspect to investing and it warrants constant attention.


How can Regatta Capital help with your 401k plan?

As an independent advisory firm, Regatta provides an unbiased outside perspective on 401k plans. Depending on the size of your firm, the number of employees and overall plan assets; many different plan administrative services may be suitable for you. Regatta will help you sift through the field of candidates, such as Fidelity, Vanguard, Paychex, Principal, etc., and help you find the company that will best serve your goals, while also being most cost effective. Once an administrator is chosen, Regatta ensures that the investments in the plan are suitable and low in fees. When the plan is active, a Regatta advisor holds periodic employee 401k meetings to explain how to maximize the benefits of the plan in place. In addition, Regatta will serve as an outlet for ongoing questions and concerns.

Regatta works with start up plans as well as existing 401k plans. If you think a 401k plan might be a good idea for your company, they are happy to advise you on the set-up process. If you think your company might be paying too much for your current 401k plan or you are not receiving the service you deserve, Regatta is also more than happy to give you a second opinion.


Regatta manages the capital and operating reserves for small endowments and foundations. In some cases these organizations were experiencing poor service or performance at large institutions that had overt conflicts in their structure. In other situations Regatta has assisted in the creation of the endowment from scratch by guiding the organization through the creation of an investment policy statement and sourcing corporate trustees.

Regatta’s Approach to E&F Governance and Investment Management

THE RIGHT FIT Regatta has developed a niche service offering for sub-$25 million endowments and foundations. The segment of the market has typically been neglected by large institutions that want to plug you into a formula and provide as little service as possible; or, service may be provided by a well meaning but unequipped financial advisor.

MORE THAN INVESTMENTS Process and communication are paramount in E&F management. Regatta spends the time with you to understand your organization’s cash flow needs on an ongoing basis. This diligence can improve your investment returns by proactively avoiding asset sales at inopportune times.

REPORTING They typically interface with an investment advisory committee and provide detailed quarterly investment reports and monthly statements from the primary custodian, Fidelity Investments.

PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION The investments used will be dictated by your investment policy statement, which we will help you develop based on industry standards. The focus is on maximizing your net returns within your time horizon and risk parameters. Depending on your long-term liquidity preferences, this may include less liquid public and private securities in your portfolio that may offer better risk/reward profiles. However, for the bulk of sub-$25 million portfolios, public institutional share class mutual funds and other publicly traded securities are used.